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ore particularly from the dominant copper species, chalcocite and covellite This problem required the development of metallurgically complex and intensive reagent regime to effectively depress the activated sphalerite As well, the immediate reactivation of zinc after it has been depressed, at the onset of Cu/Zn , CANATUAN CU/ZN FLOTATION ....Know More

Chalcocite Mineral information, data and localiti

Hexagonal above 105 176 C High-chalcocite Easily confused with djurleite Small amounts of the Cu 2 S phase may deposit from supersaturated volcanic gas, as shown in an experiment Africano et al, 2002 300-700 o C deposition range for this particular experiment...Know More

PDF Control of grinding conditions in the flotation of ,

After grinding, the pulp was transferred to a 15-dm3 flotation cell, conditioned with pH modifier, collector and frother Four flotation concentrates were collected after cumulative times of 05, 20, 40 and 80 min at an air flow rate of 25 dm3 min 1 The flotation froth was scraped every 10 s...Know More

A Review of the Flotation of Copper Minerals O Ndoro ,

A Review of the Flotation of Copper Minerals Tinashe O Ndoro, Lordwell K Witika , bornite Cu 5 FeS 4 and chalcocite Cu 2 S Copper also occurs to a lesser extent in oxidised minerals, for , it is removed from the sulphide lode and left unprocessed as the sulphide ore is simpler to recover by conventional flotation procedures and ....Know More

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Chalcocite and Pyrite, 200x Dark veinlets of chalcocite Cu 2 S transecting a pyrite particle Froth flotation of this ore yielded unacceptably low copper concentrate grades due to insufficient pyrite-chalcocite liberation and attendant pyrite carryover into the concentrate Based on the results of microscopic studies of this ore, the mill ....Know More

A Review on Novel Techniques for Chalcopyrite Ore ,

A Review on Novel Techniques for Chalcopyrite Ore Processing predomin ant copper mineral Hydrometallurgical methods are used in countries having readily available deposits with low copper content with sulphur of oxidized form at the same time USA, Chile, Australia and Peru Majima et al 1985 Hydrometallurgical processing of chalcopyrite...Know More


The flotation experiments for the various blends were repeated several times in order to assess reproducibility of the results As an example, values of chalcopyrite Cp and pyrite Py recovery after 10 min of flotation, and the first order flotation rate constant k for three tests with 20 pyrite content are summarised in Table 2...Know More

Chrysocolla Flotation

The effect of pH on the flotation response of Chrysocolla and chalcocite with potassium octyl hydroxamate as collector The potential for the chalcocite system is slightly oxidizing A detailed electrochemical investigation of chalcocite with a collector that does not oxidize, namely a chelating compound, potassium octyl hydroxamate shows the pH dependence of the floatability of chrysocolla a ....Know More

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The strong correlation between flotation response and potential indicates that chemisorption of ethylxanthate produces a layer sufficiently hydrophobic for chalcocite flotation Keywords Oxidation Physical Chemistry Charge Transfer Strong Correlation Cyclic Voltammetry...Know More

flotation separator for chalcocite ore beneficiation

flotation separator for chalcocite ore beneficiation Copper Pyrite, Copper Pyrite Suppliers and Manufacturers at Natural rough chalcopyrite mineral specimen stone raw copper pyrite Add to Compare Response Ore dressing equipment of flotation cell for pyrite and copper pyrite HSM Proffesional Separator Copper Pyrites Ore Flotation Separator...Know More

Hydrosulphide Depression of Copper

Flotation of chalcocite and chalcopyrite beds held at constant potential above the collector desorption potential was depressed with hydrosulfide addition, supporting prevously published data which showed that the affinity of hydrosulfide for copper surface sites is much greater than the collector speci...Know More

The Flotation of Chalcocite, Bornite, Chalcopyrite, and ,

The flotation of chalcocite, bornite, chalcopyrite, and pyrite has been studied in a microflotation cell in which the potential of a bed of the mineral particles could be controlled electromechanically The ethylxanthate-induced flotation of each mineral is markedly dependent on electrochemical ....Know More

analysis of mineral surface chemistry in flotation ,

surface oxidation of the chalcocite through the circuit although this may not be the only form of Cu II hydroxide on chalcocite surfaces in cells C and D 6 heazlewoodite flotation appears to be associated with the attachment or locking of fine unoxidized chalcocite rather...Know More

Collectorless flotation of Chalcocite by controlling redox ,

Using microflotation method, this study explored the collectorless flotation of Chalcocite and its dependence on the redox potential of pulp Electrochemical studies were performed by cyclic voltammetry in specific potential ranges and at different pH valu The results show that significant floatability of Chalcocite occurs in the specific reducing conditions...Know More

copper flotation parameters of chalcocite ore

copper flotation parameters of chalcocite ore kss- eu copper flotation parameters of chalcocite ore copper flotation parameters of chalcocite ore 488251 Ratings The Gulin product line consisting of more than 30 machines sets the standard for our industry We plan to help you meet your needs with our equipment with Get Price Tennantite ....Know More


beneficiation plants, all adopting froth flotation technology The phenomenal progress is a result of HZL s emphasis on research and development with an objective to improve the efficiency and to optimize performance, and to seek innovative modern technology and control systems in their flotation ,...Know More

Centenary of Flotation Symposium

Richardson and Walker showed that the flotation of chalcocite, bornite, chalcopyrite and pyrite with potassium ethyl xanthate is controlled by the conditioning potential, similar to earlier findings by Heyes and Trahar The active surface entities for chalcocite and bornite...Know More

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Oreprep F-521 Frother For Copper-molybdenum Ores Flotation , Oreprep F-521 Frother For Copper-molybdenum Ores Flotation , Find Complete , the flaky or tabular output, which is the natural floatability chalcocite good reason , concentrate smelting oxidizing roasting to extract pure molybdenum trioxide....Know More

Chapter 12 Flotation of Copper Sulfide Ores Engineering360

More than 170 copper-containing minerals are known and only 10-15 of these minerals have any economic value The most important economic copper minerals are chalcopy-rite, chalcocite, bornite and covellite Table 121 lists the copper minerals of economic value ....Know More

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Post copper recovery, the conditions of flotation are altered in subsequent stages to promote the cobalt/pyrite recovery MAGNETIC SEPARATION During the first bulk trials in June 2010 significant quantities of magnetite was noted to be present in the sample during processing, particularly in the supergene/native copper ore zon...Know More

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The flotation of chalcocite, bornite, chalcopyrite, and pyrite has been studied in a microflotation cell in which the potential of a bed of the mineral particles Copper ores - Danafloat - Home Copper or The main copper sulphide minerals are chalcopyrite CuFeS2 chalcocite Cu2S , covellite CuS , bornite Cu5FeS4 , tetrahedrite Cu,Fe...Know More

The separation of chalcopyrite and chalcocite from pyrite ,

In this study, the differences between the separation of chalcopyrite and chalcocite from pyrite in cleaner flotation after regrinding were investigated In the rougher flotation prior to regrinding, high chalcopyrite and chalcocite recovery were obtained in conjunction with high pyrite flotation recovery due to the activation of pyrite by ....Know More

MEI Blog Flotation of chalcocite at very low pH

Aug 07, 2012 0183 32 The sulphide flotation plant is operated at neutral pH, but the pH in the pachucas is around 15 As xanthates decompose in acid media, is collectorless flotation taking place? Can anyone offer any possible explanations does anyone have any experience of collectorless flotation of chalcocite and other copper sulphides at very low pH?...Know More

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Continuous pilot flotation work is now underway with results eagerly anticipated see pilot plant photo in Figure 10 below Other work to be undertaken is the wet trommelling, gravity separation, milling and flotation of the chalcocite and native copper ores and magnetite separation from all three tailings streams Equipment to...Know More

chalcocite flotation

Chalcocite Pyrite Ore Flotation Centered on customers needs and aimed for customers satisfaction, Mechanic Machinery is dedicated to , Live Chat Copper extraction - Wikipedia Copper extraction refers to the , The rock which has not floated off in the flotation cell is either discarded as , Chalcocite concentrates typically...Know More

Preliminary study on collectorless flotation of chalcocite ,

PDF Flotation of carbonaceous copper-bearing shale and copper sulfide minerals such as chalcocite and bornite in the presence of only frother was investigated It was determined that all ....Know More

The separation of chalcopyrite and chalcocite from pyrite ,

In the rougher flotation prior to regrinding, high chalcopyrite and chalcocite recovery were obtained in conjunction with high pyrite flotation recovery due to the activation of pyrite by copper ions during primary grinding The rougher flotation concentrate was reground in a rod mill before cleaner flotation...Know More

MEI Blog Challenges in copper flotation

Sep 17, 2011 0183 32 The challenges in copper flotation that we came across during testing may be grouped as internal, species, and associated ganuge Still we have not fully understood and each case is unique Every project/program is a learning curve for me...Know More


Flotation of Chalcocite Cu 2 S Chalcocite Cu 2 S and chalcopyrite CuFeS 2 are the two most commonly floated copper sulphide minerals Bornite Cu 5 FeS 4 and covellite CuS and energite Cu 3 AsS 4 are normally present in lesser quantiti The complete flotation of chalcocite is achieved between ph = 1 to ph = 10 with ethyl xanthate...Know More

Copper extraction

Copper oxide ores have occasionally been treated via froth flotation via sulfidation of the oxide minerals with certain chemicals which react with the oxide mineral particles to produce a thin rime of sulfide usually chalcocite , which can then be activated by the froth flotation plant Sulfide smelting...Know More