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Maleic anhydride functionalization of polypropylene with ,

We present a novel method of synthesizing PP-g-MA while strongly suppressing MW reduction using solid-state shear pulverization SSSP By taking advantage of the relatively low temperature conditions associated with SSSP and with the use of azobisisobutyronitrile as radical initiator, significant MA grafting levels are achieved while strongly ....Know More

Solid State Shear Pulverization Crusher Mills, Cone ,

The formulation of powder coatings using solid state shear , The formulation of powder coatings using solid state shear extrusion , A key feature of SSSE is the pulverization of polymers in their solid state,...Know More


the commercialization of the solid-state shear pulverization technology Equipment A key difference in the SSSP apparatus and conventional twin-screw melt extruders is that the SSSP extruder is maintained at a temperature below the glass and/or melt transition ,...Know More

Investigation of Solid

Solid-state shear pulverization SSSP is a continuous solid-state milling technique in which polymer/nanofiller blends are pulverized within a modified twin-screw extruder operating at sub-ambient temperatures The SSSP method can be tailored to specific applications by controlling the numerous processing parameters Additionally, solid-state shear...Know More

Zzyzx Allentown Plant

Oct 17, 2014 0183 32 Zzyzx Plant in Allentown, PA Solid-State Shear Pulverization SSSP is used to recycle challenging plastics and to create new types of engineered plastic...Know More

Mechanical Activation of Small Crystalline Organic ,

This study investigates a novel mechanical processing method called solid-state shear pulverization SSSP with model crystalline ingredients lactose, sucrose, and adipic ac The effect of the type of small organic molecule, the addition of polymer excipient, and the role of shear stress applied to the sample are studied using this method...Know More

Achievement of quasi

Nanoblends, in which dispersed-phase domains exhibit length scales of order 100 nm or less, are made using a continuous, industrially scalable, mechanical process called solid-state shear pulverization SSSP...Know More

Maleic anhydride functionalization of polypropylene with ,

Jul 19, 2013 0183 32 Here, we show that solid-state shear pulverization SSSP , a low-temperature, continuous process with potential for high throughput, provides a route for overcoming the scientific challenge of suppressing MW reduction while yielding PP-g-MA in a commercially amenable manner...Know More

Cellulose nanocrystal/polyolefin biocomposites prepared by ,

industrially scalable process called solid-state shear pulverization SSSP 14,15,19,89e103 to produce green composites of poly-olefins and CNCs with excellent dispersion and remarkable prop-erty enhancements compared to those reported in literature The SSSP process is one of a class of solid-state processing methods...Know More

An innovative polymer processing method, solid

Solid-state shear pulverization SSSP , which relies on a modified twin screw extruder to process materials in the solid state, is designed to overcome these limitations Repeated fragmentation and fusion steps accompanying SSSP lead to intimate mixing and compatibilization which are difficult to be achieved in conventional melt mixing...Know More

Novel Principle of Pulverization and Its Application for ,

The Solid State Shear Pulverization SSSP is a novel principle based on creating a large free surface during simultaneous application of high pressure and shear deformation called Bridgmen s effect With the application of pressure, shear and temperature at optimum proportion the total amount of a solid...Know More

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In particular, we employ solid-state shear pulverization SSSP Optical and electron microscopy reveals excellent CNC dispersion with strongly suppressed degradation relative to composites made by melt mixing Effective dispersion leads to major increases in Young s modulus, including a 69 increase in 90/10wt LDPE/CNC composites relative to ....Know More

Reduction in percolation threshold of injection molded ,

To lower the percolation threshold of injection molded HDPE/GNP nanocomposites, two special processing methods were investigated solid state ball milling SSBM and solid state shear pulverization SSSP...Know More

Green polypropylene/waste paper composites with superior ,

Solid-state shear pulverization SSSP is a continuous process that overcomes challenges in producing well-dispersed polymer composites that cannot be made by twin-screw melt extrusion We use SSSP to produce 85/15 wt polypropylene/waste paper biocomposites with polypropylene pellets and 2-cm-square waste paper pieces as starting material ....Know More

Dr Cynthia PierreWB_SC_1 PhD

During graduate school, I discovered that we could use a process called Solid-State Shear Pulverization SSSP to improve the recyclability of Polyethylene terephthalate PET PET is the material commonly used in beverage and food containers applications However, it is difficult to recycle and use for high value applications such as packaging ....Know More

single screw solid state pulverization

Solid-state shear pulverization SSSP is an innovative processing technique that The SSSP apparatus, which is a modified twin-screw extruder, can continuously range of compatibility, with one system being completely stable to static 3 screw vertical grinding - Atelier Les Landes...Know More


Solid-State Shear Pulverization SSSP and Solid-state/melt extrusion SSME was performed using an intermeshing, co-rotating twin screw extruder with a diameter D of 25 mm and a length to diameter ratio L/D of 34 The barrel temperature setting was customized to create three distinct zones along the length of the barrel...Know More

Processingstructureproperty relationships in solidstate ,

Solid-state shear pulverization SSSP is a unique processing technique for mechanochemical modification of polymers, compatibilization of polymer blends, and exfoliation and dispersion of fillers in polymer nanocomposit...Know More

Direct Use of Natural Antioxidant

Antioxidant-rich agro-wastes such as grape pomace waste GW , turmeric shavings and waste, coffee grounds, and orange peel waste are used as-received for the first time as thermo-oxidative stabilizers for polymer Relative to neat low density polyethylene LDPE , a well-dispersed hybrid made by solid-state shear pulverization with 4 wt GW results in 62 and 44 176 C increases in temperatures ....Know More

Polymer Graphite Nanocomposites Effective Dispersion ,

Here we employ solid-state shear pulverization SSSP to produce polymer-graphite nanocomposites that are not subject to the thermodynamic/kinetic limitations associated with con-ventional process With SSSP, a modified twin-screw extruder applies shear and compressive forces to solid-state ,...Know More